Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Family Pictures

It's not a secret that Ryan doesn't like family pictures. But now, Leah and I have another family member to deal with on dreaded family picture day. Kate. 

The first session went so well, that our fabulous friend and photographer (Natalia of Photo Bambino Studio) suggested we try to get a few more frames on an additional afternoon. 

Knowing that Ryan would just love a second session, we made sure we got all the shots we needed of him the first time around and just had the girls get gussied up for take two. 

Luckily, Kate was much more cooperative the second time. She still gave us her trademark scowl in some of the shots, but I'll take a scowl over screams any day. 

In the end, we walked away with some great photos that will forever remind us of our time in beautiful New England. 


Lindsey Harman said...

Love the pictures Mare! They look great!

Josh and Laura said...

Beautiful pictures! Leah is waaaay better at pictures than Bryn. I am impressed by her cute smiles and poses! I had pictures taken of the girls while we were in Utah and it was just too much for Bryn. She could not do a normal smile or pose the whole time. Leah needs to give her some pointers :)

Erica said...

ridiculous how freaking cute you all are. I. want. to. be. a. Layton.

Unknown said...

i'm dying. these are great. your girls are gorgeous. please send me a family picture, horizontal 4 x 6 to update my wall:)