Friday, June 14, 2013

a hard working artist

Leah has now been in school for four years. And in those four years, we have had probably one thousand pieces of artwork travel home with her. I struggled to know what to do with the artwork as we obviously couldn't keep it all. So I decided to keep a few of our favorites and take pictures of the rest. 

I also struggled because at first I felt so much of it wasn't really Leah's artwork. It was the work of some adult with Leah's name on it. 

As the years have passed, I have come to appreciate so much more about the pieces of paper that fill her backpack each afternoon. First, yes, it is often the work of an adult. But now, four years later, I so appreciate the work of that adult. And the patience and love that went into the communication and hand over hand creation of each piece. And the hand-written notes they often send home to tell me just how much Leah contributed and how proud of her they are.

I have also come to appreciate the elements of each piece that are uniquely Leah's, even if she did need some help in the creation of them. I love that Leah can choose what colors she wants to use. Or which nose to put on her face. She can pick the sequins for her tree and the hair on her computer-made funny face. Leah has to communicate which piece comes next when creating a pattern and she has to hit the switch each time she wants those scissors to cut. And if they use a stamp, she often picks the letters and then helps them press the stamp down. Each time her name is on the paper, her little fingers helped put it there.

And all of this is work. Hard, hard work. Work she doesn't always want to do. And yet, she does it. And hopefully, these pieces of art are great rewards for her hard work. For years later, I know they still are for me. 

A few of my favs from Kindergarten at Mt. Lebanon Elementary, 2012-2013

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