Saturday, June 15, 2013

rhode island

A few of the items on my Tucket list were going to each of the states in the general area surrounding New Hampshire. Vermont was easy - we went there almost daily. We made it to Maine twice (wish we had gone more!). Massachusetts was a regular destination for us for lots of different occasions and we took a few opportunities to go to both Connecticut and New York. That leaves only...

...Rhode Island. 

Though RI doesn't actually border New Hampshire, it was just a few hours away. We came close so many times but just never made it! So, when we were booking our flight from New Hampshire to Salt Lake City, we decided to spend a night in Rhode Island and fly out of Providence instead of Manchester or Boston. Why not, right?

It was a quick trip. We drove down, arriving in Providence relatively late Friday night. Our flight wasn't until the afternoon on Saturday, so we did a little bit of exploring Providence Saturday morning with about an hour detour to see the streets - and one mansion - in Newport. 

We loved it! I would absolutely go back to spend more time in Rhode Island. Plus, it was a perfect distraction for our family and the somber day we had just had. 

We made it! 

 Kate just learned to fold her arms - 
apparently she felt the need to be reverent in the tub. 

 Leah loved the soft furniture.

 The first Baptist church in America. Opened in 1775.

 Our peaceful traveling companions. 
They had had multiple late nights in a row. 

 More beautiful not from a car window, I'm sure. 
But beautiful nonetheless. 

 Ryan and Leah enjoying the lawn of the Breakers Mansion in Newport. 

 Kate not enjoying the lawn. 

 Day one of a five week homeless stint. 

Front view of the Breakers Mansion. Seriously Gatsby-esque.

Now on to Utah!...

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