Thursday, June 6, 2013

canoeing the Connecticut

One of the items on my Tucket list was to canoe down the Connecticut river. It was something I had been meaning to do for two years, but the timing just never worked out. Plus, last summer I was a bit land locked with a 5 year old, newborn and just two hands. 

So, nothing like crossing it off our list the week before we move!

We piled into our canoes with the Holbrooks and made our way down to the tree swing that is no longer. We explored for just a little bit before "Beerkill" (our canoe) floated us back upstream. It was a perfect little outing and I wish we had done it more often! 

Kate started screaming on the way back (she hated her enormous life jacket, go figure), and singing to her was the only way to calm her down. It calmed her down so much, in fact, that she fell asleep standing up between my legs. Perfect. 

Thanks, Holbrooks for the invite and thanks LaMar and Lynnette for the pictures from shore!

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