Friday, June 14, 2013

Tucket List

When we moved to New Hampshire, knowing it was only going to be for two years, I had a list of things I wanted to experience while we were there. Normally something like this is called a Bucket List, but because we were at Tuck, I obviously had to call it the Tucket List. And yes, I'm proud of creating this term. Lots of people use it now. 

Below is my original list, of which I accomplished all but five. That's what reunions are for, right?

1. Visit the Simon Pearce factory store and see the glass blowers work - check.

2. Go to Nathan’s Garden in Hanover. 

This is the one thing that would have been so easy to do and I never did it. It's a fabulous garden tucked away in the streets of Hanover. I kept trying to go there with people and it never worked out. I should have just gone myself!

3. Visit the Dartmouth Skiway - check. 

No pic, but one of our first Tuck activities. 

4. Watch hot air balloons fly at the Quechee (VT) Balloon Festival in June.

I didn't dare attend last summer trying to handle a newborn and Leah all by myself. And this year we moved ONE DAY too early. Really. The festival was Saturday night!

5. Visit the Quechee Gorge and walk down it - check.

 Did this a few times, but my favorite was with my  mom.

6. Hike Mount Gile (Norwich, VT) and climb the fire tower 

I heard this was a great view and I missed it during both autumns.

7. Run the Covered Bridges Half Marathon - check.

8. Learn to play hockey - check.

9. Climb Baker Tower and look out over the Dartmouth Green - check.

10. See the Book of Mormon at the Rauner Library - check. 
Such a unique area to be in for my religious history.

11. See a Dartmouth football game - check.


12. See a Dartmouth hockey game - check.

13. See a Dartmouth basketball game - check. 


14. Go snowshoeing - check.

This wasn't official, but I'm counting it because I ran 10 miles on the rail trail and every other person on the trail was either on snow shoes, a sled (with dogs) or a snowmobile. I earned every bit of it, just had the wrong shoes.

15. Go apple picking - check. 

One of the first things I did! Applesauce for two years.

16. Go berry picking - check.

So, so good.

17. Go pumpkin picking - check.


18. Hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail - check.

Part of the trail goes right through Hanover. I even did it in heels (immediately after this photo was taken at the Hanover Inn)!

19. Recreate on Dartmouth's Occom Pond - check.

Never skated on it or jumped in, but I ran around it on a weekly basis 

20. Canoe on the Connecticut River- check. 

21. Eat at the Norwich Inn - check. 

No pic, but I ate a delicious meal there for a fabulous friend's baby shower last fall.

22. Be a part of the Tuck Partner Board - check.

Helping Hands Chairperson 2011-2012.

23. Attend winter carnival events - check.

I attended all free events and ended up 
selling my poster winning ticket for cash.
 And since the carnival was mostly drinking and I don't drink, 
I think I made the right choice!

24. Visit Montreal 

If there had been one more week, I think we would have done it. 
That whole having-a-baby-and-Ryan-leaving-for-a-summer 
sure threw a kink in some travel plans.

25. Visit NYC - check.
 Lots of times! My two favs:

26. Visit Boston - check.

So many times! Mostly for medical purposes, so my favs:

Blue Sky Girls 2011, 2012

27. Visit Cape Cod - check.
Ran the Cape Cod half marathon twice. 

28. Visit Maine - check.

Once briefly in 2011. 

29. Visit Rhode Island - check.

Checked this one off the day before we left.

30. Visit Connecticut - check. 

Thanks Katz and Turley families!

31. Visit Washington, DC - check.


Can't wait to go back in 2014

32. Visit Vermont - check.

Almost daily. And on many of my runs!
33. Visit the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial (esp lighting in December) - check.

 With almost every visitor. Learned something new every time. 

But I loved seeing it at Christmastime with the lights.
34. Attend the Dartmouth tree lighting - check.

35. Run a Reach the Beach relay race - check.

My initiation into relays. I still laugh when I think about Andrea. 
36. Take a factory tour of Ben and Jerry's ice cream plant in VT - check.

37. Sample the products at Cabot's store in Vermont - check.

38. Go sledding/tubing - check.

39. Learn to ski - check.

40. See a local production (Northern Stage Theatre, the HOP, etc.) - check.

No pic, but did this in 2011 to see the fabulous Elissa Jones 
and the Dartmouth Handel Society perform Handel's Messiah. 
41. Audit at least one class at Tuck/Dartmouth.

Harder than first imagined. Especially with kids. 

42. Visit the local farmers' markets - check.

No pics, but we made it to Hanover and Lebanon a few different times.
They were good, but I still miss Los Altos.

43. Visit Lake Winnipesaukee - check.

I'm a sailor, I sail, ahoy! I guess I didn't sail, but I did run a race!

43. Attend at least one Tuck formal - check. 

44. Take a class at King Arthur Flour - check. 

Count 'em one, two, three, four. Lucky me!

45. Have a baby - check. 

No really, it was on my list. 

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