Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Warning: picture overload. 

We woke up December 25th to a truly white Christmas. A beautiful blanket covered the ground. And then another blanket the following day. Ryan and Leah sledded around the neighborhood Christmas day and we all went out to play - twice - the day after. We sledded, showed kids the art of eating (clean) snow, made snow angels, built snowmen, and caught flakes with our tongues. The kids were mesmerized by the snow plow. And I even went running in it. 

We got a half second smile out of Kate before she realized she hates the snow. 

No seriously, hates it. She much preferred to be held. So we obliged. 

Here's to hoping for more snow and less blah this winter. 

p.s. remember the hat!? it is serving us well!

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Michelle said...

Leah is such a marshmallow in these pictures! haha! I love it!