Saturday, December 22, 2012

a bunch of sickos

So we were a little under the weather here at the Layton house. Ryan first, then Ryan and Leah, then Leah and Kate. I was achy for a few days, but thought it was from running. I had a fever one night and was back to normal the following morning. I guess I'm just too busy to get sick? 

The way Ryan and Leah looked, you'd never have known they were sick other than quite a bit of napping. Leah missed three days of school, but made it back just in time for the pre-vacation parties and sing alongs. 

Katers, on the other hand. Well, let's just say it's quite likely the whole neighborhood knew she wasn't feeling well. 

Rest assured I didn't just take pictures of my sick patients, I took care of them too. We're back and at 'em and ready for the holidays!

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