Saturday, December 22, 2012

that's what a new hampshire fall is made of

Well, we made it to December 22nd, which means two things: the world didn't come to an end {shocker} and our second and final fall in New Hampshire is now in the books. Sigh. I've always loved fall, but fall in New Hampshire? You basically get to experience all four seasons in the span of three months. You aren't yet sick of the cold winterish days and you relish the lingering warm ones. You think your kids look oh so cute in their winter gear more than you are tired of putting it on them. The views are breathtaking and the air is still. And there's always yummy food to eat. What's NOT to love about fall in New Hampshire?

It’s cold, crisp mornings and warm afternoons.
Clear starry nights, staring at the moon.
It’s brilliant colors on every single tree.
Yellow, red, orange, purple and yes, still some green.

It’s early morning runs on the neighborhood terrain
So many hills – it’s impossible to refrain.
It’s picking the last berries the bushes produce.
And then filling our tummies with fresh apple juice.

It’s baking inside - some warm pumpkin bread.
And cuddling under multiple layers in bed.
It’s Halloween costumes, parties and parades.
Thanksgiving turkeys and pies that are homemade.

It’s picking pumpkins with our family of four
And stocking up on items for soup at the store.
It’s creating goodies for the holiday season.
Crafts, treats and gifts – there’s no better reason!

It’s two baking classes at King Arthur Flour
Back to school dances until the early morning hour.
It’s walks around Sachem in our new John Deere wheels
The cool breeze on our cheeks – how good it feels!

It’s spending a weekend on the cape with friends,
A half marathon that we all feared just might never end.
It’s making preparations for Hurricane Sandy’s demise
Thankfully we’re okay, no damage to our surprise.

It’s quiet morning walks up to Boston Lot Lake
And devouring a birthday pie – so much better than cake.
It’s chilly trips to the bus stop each weekday morn
A few flakes of snow and some really great rain storms.

It’s flip flops and rain boots both worn the same day.
And watching the wind blow all the beautiful leaves away.
It’s rainbows and brilliant colors in the skies up above.
That’s what a New Hampshire fall is made of. 

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AJ said...

I'm just barely reading this and it is so good. You made me homesick for a place I've never been. You are good, Maren. Very good.