Monday, December 24, 2012

The best night before Christmas...

Twas the morning before Christmas when all through the house, 
the littlest creature was stirring (but not quietly, like a mouse). 
So mama wiped the sleep out of her eyes and got up to play
and listened to stories of Jesus' birth to start out her day. 

There was no school at all for the other young lass. 
Though she assuredly would rather have been in class. 
So together we all cooked a rather delicious feast. 
We were all happy to be eating crab instead of roast beast.

That night our resident elf brought back from the north pole
A package for two little girls he did know. 
Both  couldn't wait to see what was inside the box. 
And were excited to find matching jammies (and for mom, matching socks). 

The girls settled down quickly, all snug in their beds, 
While to the kitchen their mama did head. 
To make fresh cinnamon rolls, (her new socks she did wear). 
Daddy played elf and assembled presents with care.

After an hour or two, the elves chores were complete.
They were satisfied with their work and smiled at their feat. 
The stockings they "hung," the tree they did trim, 
The cinnamon rolls were rising way over the brim.

It was a perfect night before what would assuredly be
The best Christmas this little family ever did see. 
They joy they felt for their happiness one couldn't have guessed.
To be celebrating the birth of Christ they definitely felt blessed. 


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Lori and Matt said...

awesome! loved it!
and... I want your cinnamon roll recipe!:)