Sunday, December 9, 2012

tiny tuckies holiday party

We had a great time at the Tiny Tuckies holiday party this year. It was held in Stell Hall, which is about as Ivy League as it gets with the dark wood walls, leather furniture, green lamps, artwork and fireplace. Just add a giant and beautifully decorated Christmas tree and it basically looks amazing. 

Leah was, once again, a hit. That girl is so popular. People only know me as "Leah's mom." 

Kate also stole the show in her red plaid boots. We just won't tell anyone that her feet are so chubby they were only on half way. 

We decorated gingerbread men (Leah), 

made reindeer ornaments with our handprints (Kate), sat on Santa's lap (both girls - read their letters here and here) and ate a deliciously yummy lasagna dinner in Byrne dining hall. 

We pretty much love Tuck. Especially during the holidays. 
p.s. I love Leah's sense of humor - especially when her body works. This is what we got after asking her to look at the camera.  

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