Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

I don't really have the words to adequately sum up our 2012 Christmas Day. Magical doesn't quite seem to do the trick. It was, by far, the best Christmas Ryan and I have had in six years (um, that would be Leah's entire life if anyone was counting).

2007 was fine, but still a little tainted by our concerns about her not moving. 2008 was happy because she was crawling, but concerning because she still wasn't walking and was beginning to lose words. If I sum up 2009 I'll probably just end up crying and shouting expletives, so... 2010 was the beginning of our acceptance to our new little Leah. Parents shouldn't have to open their nearly four year olds presents for them. 2011 was quiet and we were, as usual, blessed, but there was no wonder or excitement from Leah.

But 2012. That is a different story. At 8:30, we still hadn't heard Leah stir (Kate had already stirred and been put back to bed). So, we I went to wake her up only to find her sitting up, quietly, in her bed. "Leah!," I said, "I think Santa came!" That's when I realized that I think Leah had forgotten it was actually December 25th. Because immediately after my reminder, she squealed with delight and started to giggle. And those giggles didn't stop for probably three or four hours. Each new present - for her, for Kate, for mom and dad - got a giggle. Breakfast got a giggle. The yule log got a giggle. So did the tree and the stockings and the freshly fallen snow.

Kate went down for a nap about an hour in, so we even got to spend some one-on-one time with Leah. We read new books, wore new clothes, played with new legos and ate new treats. Ryan and Leah went out to sled in the snow and had a great time. We took naps and then played some more. And that night we had dinner with two other couples who we've come to know and love here at Tuck - and they are in love with Leah and Kate (and Kate was enraptured by their dogs). We video chatted and talked on the phone with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and just felt so blessed.

I'm sure Leah has felt the magic in years past. At least I hope she has. But this year, her body decided to let her show that she felt the magic and that was the greatest gift by far. A Merry Christmas indeed.


Erica said...

YAY!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! AND YAY!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Can I please just keep commenting? This post makes me very very very happy. I know there should have been a bunch of comma's in there, but I'm a rebel. :)