Thursday, December 13, 2012

ktg: 7 months

Kate has been a busy girl this month. She's so close to being on the move it's ridiculous! She scoots backward for half the day and spends the other half rocking on her hands and knees trying her hardest to move forward! She has perfected her sitting skills and is flawless at going from her hands and knees to sitting and the other way around.

She eats like an elephant. We just moved her to three solid meals a day. She still nurses in the morning and night and has two bottles inbetween the solid feeds. And then she snacks at all other times of the day. She loves, loves, loves drinking from a cup, but hasn't quite perfected the whole getting-the-liquid-in-the-mouth part. Kate loves all food - except peas and mixed vegetables. She is also a very loud eater! She moans the entire time things are entering and in her mouth and she screams each time it's empty. We are working on our manners at the table. Kate also threw up for the first time this month, thank you very much, flu shot. Green baby food all over her hair and face definitely warranted a bath.

Kate loves the bath (mostly sucking on her washcloths) and hates the cold. She loves the swings and hates being strapped into her car seat. Kate loves her sister and our neighbor. She is lukewarm to everyone else. Mom and dad fall somewhere in between. She likes being loud and hates being quiet. She loves naptime and hates bedtime. She loves moving and hates holding still (um, let's not talk about church).

Kate has taken a few steps backward with regards to sleeping. Waking up multiple times a night just wasn't working for mom, dad, OR her poor roommate. So, more often than not, Kate gets banished to the pack and play downstairs (usually around 3am) so no one can hear her. She eventually gives up, but it takes her a looooooooooooong time!

This month she saw her first snowfall (didn't last for long), sat in the swings for the first time, worked on growing her eyelashes, smiled a little more and cried a little less, met Santa Claus, got stuck in a lot of corners and sat up in the grocery cart (one of my all-time favorite milestones)!

Crawling is just around the corner, I can feel it. I'm not usually a betting gal, but I bet it will happen before Christmas... 

7 month Stats:
Weight: ???
Length: ???
Head Circumference: ???
No. of diapers used: I stopped counting, but similar to 6 months (120)
Diaper size: 2
Clothing size: 6-12 months
Longest stretch of sleep: Let's not talk about sleep this month
NEW Nicknames: Kate j turd, Kate j cry all night sleep all day, Baby kates, Baby katers, Kate j knucklehead, Kater j
j **7 month pics taken Dec. 30, 2012. Oops!

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Amy said...

oh my goodness she is one beautiful girl! I should stop looking before I want another... :)