Wednesday, October 12, 2011

pumpkins shmumpkins

i try to do fun things with leah. really, i do. but sometimes she is dead set on making it miserable for everyone involved. 

today we went to pick pumpkins at our favorite farm.  the day started out like this:

then looked like this:

and progressed to this {you can't tell but she's actually screaming in this picture}:
eventually ending in full blown yelling and tears. 

seriously, i took about 30 pictures and there isn't one i deemed usable. her face {as show by her incredibly clean hands} was a mess of pumpkin dirt and boogers.

it was zero fun sir. i even got comments from my friends like, "i didn't know leah cried." and "i've never seen her like this." yup. it was that good. 

but rest assured, i have not given up. oh, we'll go pumpkin picking again next year. and the next year. and the year after that. whether miss ribbons likes it or not. because we WILL do fun things. even if i'm the only one who considers them fun.


Erica said...

yes, we WILL do fun things! because every so often, that fun thing will be fun for everyone and you will be holding back tears yourself thinking of how bad it CAN be and how GREAT it really is.

Tanis said...

I feel the same way... its so hard to have fun, but why should they miss out just because sometimes they freak out? Thats why we went to a christmas market on the weekend and even though Melia had an experience pretty close to Leah's with the pumpkins, we will go next year and the next because thats what we do! and maybe one day it will get fun!!

Michelle said...

oh my gosh, i love that picture of her sitting on the pumpkin