Monday, October 10, 2011

birthday at the lake

on sunday after church, my two darling friends {see, they are darling, huh?}
organized a little get together at our favorite get-together-after-church lake. i will not say how many bowls of chips and salsa i consumed. i just won't do it. 

andrea made the most delicious key lime pie. we struggled a bit to keep the candles lit in the wind, but we eventually succeeded.

and then we ate and played some more. 
the weather and autumn scenery most definitely cooperated. 
a good time was had by all.
except leah.

as we were cleaning up, i was holding a semi-shivering miss ribbons when suddenly, out of nowhere, she threw up all over me, herself and the sand. twice. and then once in the car on the way home. and then once in the bathtub. and then three times on the couch {which we had brilliantly lined with blankets}. 

i ended my first full day of being 30 snuggling my little one for nearly two hours past her bedtime. as pathetic as she looked, i considered it a great way to end the day.


ed and kelli said...

oh bean, throwing up is no fun. but snuggles are always good!

carolee said...

This looks like so much fun! Except for poor miss Leah getting so sick. Are these friends from school, church? Looks like a great group of new friends! :)

Michelle said...

hey little blog machine! You've been busy! This birthday get together was fantastic, except for ...well, you know. It really was fun. Love you! That last picture of you and Leah is priceless. Love it.