Monday, October 3, 2011

2006 - GPA contest

as ryan neared graduation, variations of potential final grade point averages swam through his head. it was going to be high. not perfect, but high. and ridiculously close to {if not better than} my final gpa from a year and a half before. 

so, one day he came to me and said, "hey mare. wanna have a contest?"
"sure, " i replied. "what kind of contest?"
"a gpa contest," he stated.
"that's not fair. my gpa is already final. i can't do anything about it," i protested.
"well, are you afraid?," he asked. 
"nope. not at all," i said with confidence. i graduated with a 3.85 {even with that horrendous 3.64 my very first semester} and was confident he wouldn't catch up.
and so the contest commenced. we should have wagered something, but i don't think we did. all i know is, after he worked and worked and worked to get those straight A's to bring up his average {i was getting nervous!}, those independent study courses he procrastinated until his final semester got the better of him. 

and i won. 

simple as that. i think it was by .02 or something ridiculously close like that, but i won. and he knows it. and, forevermore, i have the nerdy rights to being the winner of that competition. and my work was done before the contest even began.

also in 2006:
 {february - dan and heather's wedding}
 {sisters, sisters...}
 {may - nauvoo, illinois}
{may - st. louis, missouri}
 {may - jackson hole, wy}
 {june - surprise trip to nashville, tennessee. 
i hate surprises, so i was such a nut case 10 minutes in to the drive 
that ryan ended up telling me where we were going.}
 {july - tennessee aquarium}
 {university advisement/academic support girls - 
top: trina, marinda, chandra, amanda; 
bottom: maren, lisa, rachel}
{due march 13, 2007!!}


ed and kelli said...

he he he..i remember the day you guys told me about little bean. driving me to work and showing me the pictures! yay for bean! love your tenn. aquarium picture... and i like the picture of us at dan's wedding:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad you posted that UAC/AS picture! What good memories! And Lisa sure knows how to steal a picture.

Amelia said...

I just love that you are doing this. :) It is so fun to see all of the pictures. Especially your prego one and baby Leah. I remember that! And I've been to that antler arch in Jackson Hole too! Awesome.