Wednesday, October 26, 2011

eeg take 2

per doctor's orders and leah's new and wonderful habit of seizing, we went in for an eeg to see what, exactly, is going on in that cute head of hers. 

this was to be another sleep deprived eeg. but this time we found a fantastic activity with which to occupy ourselves: dad's late night hockey scrimmage game. it was cold. and we were the only fans in the stands. but we cheered hard. and leah looked so cute all bundled up in her jammies, coat, mittens and hat. 
the day of the eeg, we only had to wait for a bit...
before the technician expertly and swiftly wrapped her up. she didn't like it much, but she got over it. 
and then quickly fell asleep. {probably due to her raucous late night at the hockey rink.}
i laid by her side in the dark while the monitors monitored and the tech typed. when she woke up, she had quite the 'do. she did a spectacular job: not seizing once in the eeg, but instead right after they turned off the machine and removed everything from her head. luckily, they still got what they needed. 

we hung out in the waiting room before our post-procedure appointment eating snacks and listening to taylor swift through our new pink headphones. it was a good day.
and when we came home, we both took a nap. after all, a sleep-deprived eeg for leah is also a sleep-deprived eeg for mommy.


Tanis said...

I goot say Leah is so adorable! I have pictures of Melia all bandaged up like that for her 3 EEGs...and they couldn't catch her seizures either- even on our overnight one!
I really hope the Keppra works for miss ribbons, it made Melia CRAZY! She wasn't even my daughter while on that medicine so thankfully after only a month of horror we got a new medication!

Britta said...

the photo of her in the hospital bed breaks. my. heart. what a precious sweetheart.