Friday, October 21, 2011

project 30 - it's just not in my hands

so i guess you can see that i took a little hiatus. it wasn't really planned. it just happened. somehow, all this month, i got myself involved with a new and time intensive church service position, a spot on the tuck partners board, a part time job and managing a four year old who started having seizures. awesome. what a way to turn 30!

in the midst of all the crazy, this month was wonderful. from sweet notes and kind words from friends to gifts and parties and celebrations galore {not to mention facebook}, to a weekend trip to new york city, i have felt truly loved. 

thinking back on my thirty years has been a great experience for me. i've found myself laughing on the phone with my mom and sister, having great conversations with my brothers, receiving messages from friends of my past...and being exhausted. it really was a lot of work. 

one night, i had just returned from running the reach the beach relay {a 200 mile relay in new hampshire} and was telling ryan about eating salt so runners don't cramp up in between runs. i retreated to the computer to write my daily post and, in the middle of recording my memory, i started crying. ryan could hear me from the other room and he ran in with a dish of goldfish {i love goldfish}. he said, "i heard you crying, which means your body is losing salt. so i'm bringing you salt so you don't cramp up." he's kind of hilarious. 

although exhausting, i'm super glad i actually recorded these memories. i have more that will have to come at another date, but i feel good about my start. and after looking at all 31, i've realized my life really isn't in my hands. is very apparent that my 30 years have been carefully cradled in Someone's hands. and this project was a good reminder of that.  

so with that note, i'm going to go get dinner ready and prepare for family movie night. updates will have to come later...


Molly said...

Maren--I have loved your birthday series. You have recorded your life thus far in such a succinct and memorable way. Most of us will never sit down to do this. And thank you for reminding us all that our lives aren't in our own hands, but being cradled nonetheless. :)

Leah is in our prayers! (And so are you!)

Shannon said...

i love you maren.