Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a workin' girl

i was chatting with some friends the other day and realized that, since the time i was 15 years old, there has only been a period of about six months total where i haven't worked. from a seasonal holiday job at bath & body works to part-time positions through high school and college and full-time positions during the summers and after graduation to teaching piano from home, i've always done something to provide for myself {and eventually my family} and save a little on the side. 

i stopped teaching piano in july but planned to pick right back up here in new hampshire. turns out, it's been a lot more difficult to find students. i do have two lined up, but haven't started with either of them. so when an opportunity presented itself to work super part time as a recording secretary for a neighboring city, i jumped at the chance. i attend one meeting a week {sometimes less}, for an hour or two, audio record it for it to be placed on the city website and then come home to transcribe my notes for a few hours. it's been a great way to earn some extra money {to buy those mittens and coats with winter looming over our heads} and learn a few things about my city. so far i've worked on the recreation, pedestrian and bicyclist, and energy advisory committees.

since ryan and leah got a first day photo, i decided i get one too.
yay for work!


t.t.turner said...

You are so dang cute.

Erica said...

look at you all professional! love it!! I hope to soon be writing a workin girl post as well!!

ed and kelli said...

love it. and ps you are gorgeous:)

Shannon said...

maren, you're the the most beautiful working woman there is! How fun to be doing this.

Michelle said...

okay, t.t. turner took my EXACT words out of my mouth!
So....you are so freaking funny, and by the way, GORGEOUS! - oh, Kelli already said that. Well, you are. :)