Monday, June 10, 2013

our beloved Blythe

I couldn't not post about what was probably the saddest goodbye we will have from New Hampshire. Today was Leah's last day of High Horses. And, it's the last time we will see Blythe before she moves to Colorado tomorrow. Blythe and Leah have become the best of buds. Leah really, really loves her Blythe. 

At the end of the session, we took some pictures and gave some hugs. A few tears crept out of my eyes as I was really sad to see this particular chapter end. 

As a mom, I always pray that Leah will find individuals who truly love her for who she is - both children and adults. And she definitely found that in Blythe. Leah kept it together and gave Blythe a great big hug. 

As it was time to head back to school, we piled into the car and started to pull away when Leah completely lost it. 

Now, Leah has a very high tolerance for pain and doesn't show sad emotions very often. She does get sad and frustrated, but crocodile tears aren't commonplace for her. The last time I saw her cry the way she cried today was probably during her regression in 2009. Today, buckled into her little carseat, she was wailing with tears streaming down her cheeks. 

Ryan and I were completely thrown off guard. We just sat there for a few moments, stunned, not knowing what to do. 

We were finally able to calm her down enough so she could hear us. After asking some questions, we found out she was sad because she was going to miss Blythe. 

Heart. Broken. 

We told Leah it was really sad that Blythe was moving tomorrow and that we were moving the following week. But, we should be so happy that we were able to know Blythe at all! We told her it was completely fine to feel sad, but to know that we can keep in touch with Blythe whenever we want! And hopefully we could see her sometime too! It's hard to move, but by moving, Leah has friends in California and New Hampshire and will soon have friends in Iowa!

We took her back to school and her teachers told us she was sad for the remainder of the day. 

Needless to say, Blythe has left an impression on our little girl. And on all of us. She will be truly missed in the Layton household!

(At the Tuck trip to Portland, Maine, May 2013)


Josh and Laura said...

Oh my gosh, this post and that picture of Leah in the car is SO sad :( That breaks my heart! I hope she finds great friends in Iowa. We sure miss Leah already!

t.t.turner said...

The story and picture of sweet Leah has me in tears. I am so grateful that your family has been able to find such incredible people to support Leah everywhere you have been - The Lord really loves sweet Leah.

Marcy said...

This is the part of moving that just tears at me-- it's not just us missing our dear friends, but watching your kids have to say good-bye to THEIR dear friends... gutwrenching. But it is always amazing to have formed those bonds to begin with.

Amy said...

Oh this just breaks my heart. What a blessing good friends are.