Friday, June 14, 2013


Leah's last day at Mt. Lebanon School was a few days before the school year officially ended (thakyouverymuch, snow days). But, her last day did end up being the same day as a school-wide farewell assembly and ice cream social for a few teachers and the current principal who were all leaving.

I teared up multiple times as I looked around this room full of people who have touched our hearts for the past two years. They have given so much of their time, talents, energy and even money to help make Leah successful. They were exactly what she has needed for the past two years and I have no doubt that they have laid a perfect foundation for her future success in Iowa. 

Cutest bus stop on the planet. Missing three other cute kids.
 Each student made a tie for Mr. Foxall, the principal, to wish him well at his new school!
 Mrs. Cyphers, morning para
 Mrs. Nancy, afternoon para
 Mrs. Gilmore, caseworker
 Mollie and Kaisa, cutest friends ever
 Mr. Townsend, Speech Language Pathologist
Mrs. Allen, 4th grade teacher who welcomed Leah into her class every morning (if Mrs. Allen didn't see her walk by, her students did and would let her know!). She was devastated to learn that Leah was moving and wouldn't be at the school for 4th grade! Leah was also invited to a special 4th grade only root beer float party in her class.
 Ms. Martin, Leah's preschool and Kindergarten teacher
Ian, Leah's boyfriend. Ian followed Leah around everywhere, was so gentle with her and always told her how beautiful she looked.
 Mrs. Smith, librarian
 Mrs. Greenough, music teacher

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