Sunday, March 24, 2013

New York City: girls only

For nearly two years now, some of my closest friends from Tuck (aka Tuck Partners) have been planning a trip to New York City. Initially, it was supposed to be in June after classes were finished but before graduation - ensuring our husbands would be home to watch kids. But, Miss Liz decided to have a baby that same week, so we moved the trip up to spring break. One wasn't able to make it last minute, so it was just five of us. 

We were lucky enough to stay in Liz's in-law's apartment a block from Time's Square and we just ran, ran, ran the whole weekend. 

I know this is an overload of pictures, but I just couldn't resist. I'm relaxed again just looking at them! Some of my favorite memories: 

Concretes at Shake Shack (so glad we didn't have strollers with us).

Late night pizza (thanks to Michelle for leading us on a wild goose chase to a pizza place that doesn't exist). 

Early morning run with Michelle (morning life is very different than night life here). 

Shopping (and finding Liz a place to sit in Toys R Us). Too bad we've all been wives of students for two years!

Seeing miss Morgan (and her cute boys)!!

Taxi to Serendipity 3 (only to be disappointed), then lunch at Cafe Fresco and Dylan's Candy Bar. 

Empire State Building (and inappropriate commentary the entire way). 

Newsies!! SO good!

Dinner at the Brasserie, banana pudding from Magnolia's, Brent visiting in his "Harvard" attire, shopping for 70s accessories for Tuck Gives, sleeping with no heater, getting lost at night with subway closures, Andrea getting hit on by a creepy old man, being blown away at the top of the Eiffel Tower Empire State Building and more. 

One of my favorite moments was when all four girls made me stop and mimic a Katie Holmes ad. I've been told my entire life by multiple people that I look like Katie Holmes, I don't see it, but I obliged these girls. I was laughing so hard with all the people walking by that I had to have their help posing. The conversation went something like this:
Maren: (laughing) "Okay guys, tell me what to do."
Liz: "Put your chin up a little more."
Tiffany: "Relax your hand. Don't smile so much."
Andrea: "You need to get wet."
Michelle: "Yah, and you need to take your clothes off."
And with that, the photo shoot was over. 

It was so wonderful to spend some time alone with these women who have become some of my best friends. A trip like this makes saying goodbye a little bit easier. And a little bit harder.

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Tiffany Toronto said...

This post makes me want to laugh and cry all in the same instant. Love all of you special ladies and cannot wait for many more girls only trips together wherever we each end up.

How about: laughing so hard we were nearly crying late at night, getting lost on the subways together while Andrea and I were no help at all, Andrea getting practically molested by multiple strange people, strange/creepy subway guy, getting nearly blown away at the top of the Empire State Building, cute Kate pictures from Ryan to look at......oh the list goes on and on.

BTW, how can I get copies of these pictures besides stealing them from your blog??