Sunday, March 3, 2013

toilet paper rolling

Miss Kate has found the toilet paper in all it's splendor. 

As soon as she sees an open bathroom door, she wiggles her body to the edge of the counter as fast as her arms and legs can take her. 

She reaches for the wisp of paper dangling from the roll and giggles.

As soon as she hears the stern, "Katers...", she peeks her head around to find out where it came from and knowingly grins. That sneaky grin that says, "I know exactly what I'm doing mom. And it's fun. Join me!"

And so I grab my camera and let her have at it. Toilet paper was meant to be unrolled, right?
p.s. Mom, notice I followed your lead? TP is hung in such a way that if she just spins it, it won't actually unroll.

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