Saturday, March 30, 2013

the decorating resumes

This year we actually got around to decorating Easter eggs. And it's a good thing because there's not much I love more than a hard boiled egg prepared in any shape or form. It had been a few years since we had last done it. We skipped a couple because it was just tricky for Leah and forcing her to do things with her hands isn't often a pleasant experience. Last year, Ryan was away in NYC for an MBA conference and between Leah's hands and my huge belly, I was sure it would have been a disaster. 

But this year, this year, we decorated eggs. We used the "no spill" decorating set I purchased last year and Ryan and Leah had at it. 

I channeled my inner pirate and played with a set grandma Layton sent to the girls. 

And then I channeled my inner Parisian and did one with a beret. (And then, of course, I dressed myself in a matching outfit before I had the heart to crack its shell and eat it.)

Kate crawled from me to Ryan to Leah begging to get in on the action. Next year, Kate. Promise. 

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