Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Through most of February and into early March, I participated in an event called Tuck.500. Basically, teams competed against one another to be the first to get to 500 points earned by working out. Various point values were assigned to running, biking, spinning, crossfit, yoga, skiing, hockey, etc.

I joined a team with five other Tuck Partners and, after looking at some of the other teams, was certain we wouldn't win. But, win or not, we were all excited for some extra motivation to work out each day - especially during the blah month of February while it was icy and frigid outside. 

After the last day to submit points, the results came back and our team, the Pretty Pretty Partners, came in fifth out of 22 teams! I was so proud!! Some of the teams were comprised of seriously fit people - some who are spin instructors, yoga instructors, etc., and were working out all day anyway! Our team was comprised of two full time employees, two full-time employees/moms, and two full-time moms. Between the six of us, we didn't have a ton of flexibility in our schedules or a lot of spare time. 

AND, most of my points came from running, obviously, but there was a cap on running each day and individuals couldn't submit more than 10 miles. Two of those days were long runs of 18+ and 16 miles and I still only got 10 miles counted.

So, basically, go us. 

Pretty Pretty Partners rule. 

(Thanks to Claire for the matching headbands.)

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