Thursday, March 21, 2013

that's what a New Hampshire winter is made of

It's frigid, frosty mornings and even colder nights. 
Quiet, still snowstorms with wind that can bite. 
It's frozen icicles dripping off your roof...
...or growing on you eyelashes (no that's not a spoof).

It's holiday parties and cookie crawls.
Girls trips to Boston and Winter Carnivals. 
It's high horses in Vermont, riding ponies in doors. 
Snow covered  vistas and boot-covered floors. 

It's watching football, eating sushi with friends. 
Piles of hats, mittens and scarves that never end. 
It's v-day and b-day celebrations galore. 
A still Connecticut River that flows no more. 

It's marathon training in negative degrees. 
Twinkling lights on homes and on many trees.
It's running noses and sick days in bed. 
Plans to go out but being snowed in instead. 

It's hockey champions (and runners up). 
Digging Larry out of the snow whenever he's stuck. 
It's my first ski lessons flying down the slopes. 
We'll definitely be going again next year I hope!

It's barren trees, no leaves in sight. 
Building snowmen and sledding while it's still light. 
It's hot chocolate and soup to warm your soul. 
And doing good deeds so you won't get any coal. 

It's candles in windows, flickering away. 
And battling seasonal depression each and every day. 
It's warm winter coats, boots, hats and gloves - 
- that's what a winter in New Hampshire is made of. 

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