Sunday, March 10, 2013

digital melatonin

Sleep is a precious commodity in our house. After going without, you realize just how important it is. Leah, at 6 years old, still naps. Usually. And it's because she NEEDS it. In the past few months, she has started to give it up. She no longer sleeps at school and often not on Saturdays either. It's a good sign, really. To me, it means she isn't overextending herself and she is getting enough rest at night to carry her through her exhausting days. 

Sundays are different. 

On Sundays, Ryan and I impose naps for all members of the household. We could just put her in her room for quiet time, but Kate's in there now. And really, Leah needs the nap once a week. 

After a few weeks of no rest, we started to let her watch a show or two for some down time. She really likes fish and other sea creatures, so we let her watch the Blue Planet series on Netflix. Soon, Ryan realized that every time he turned it on, Leah was asleep within minutes. And so our Sunday tradition of naps was back on. After church, we eat our lunch and flip on some fish on Netflix and she's out like a light. 

We call it digital melatonin. And it's well worth the $7 monthly fee. 


Marcy said...

Heh, Donovan is also a fan of the Blue Planet docs. =)

tracey said...

Digital melatonin... love it! lol. I was thinking of having a digital photo frame or a small flat screen installed above Jovie's bed so she is lulled to sleep...