Tuesday, March 5, 2013

things that work

I often find that it's the simplest things that work with Kate's body that catch me off guard. Don't get me wrong. I'm still flabbergasted with the way her body moves overall. She wants it to do something and it just...does. She wants to learn to crawl, so she does. Pull up to the couch? Done. Take her socks off? Easy. Give mom a kiss? You betcha.

But it's the smaller things that catch me off guard and simply amaze me. 

Like the snag in the carpet. 

Yup. The snag in the carpet. It's up in her bedroom and she is so interested in it. She cannot crawl by without inspecting it - often for a few minutes at a time. I catch myself staring at her - watching her tiny little fingers rub back and forth, pull, tug, softly touch, twist and twirl that tiny little snag. 

And then I count my blessings that those tiny ten fingers work. That her brain tells them to do something and they do it. 

It's amazing to me. 

And I hope it always will be. 

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Marcy said...

One of my favorite things about parenting is having my eyes opened up to all those little things that fascinate my kids, that I would never notice otherwise. Brings a whole new appreciation of so many things.