Friday, May 3, 2013

Tuck spring formal

(We're big Taylor Swift fans in this house, so we'll let her sum up the night...)

Oh my, what a marvelous tune. 
It was the best night, never would forget how we moved. 
The whole place was dressed to the nines, and we were dancing. 
-Taylor Swift

Dressing up, dinner with good friends, and dancing one last time with some fabulous friends and classmates sure made for an incredible evening. 

 Laytons, Holbrooks, Hawkins and McKenzies at Tip Top Cafe


Lant Family said...

Love your shoes and dress! I miss fun school functions that give you an excuse to dress up!

t.t.turner said...

That dress! Maren, can I please have your wardrobe? Pretty please? You're so gorgeous!

Michelle said...

love these. if you have a second, would you send me that group picture from dinner? Even though I look like I'm on drugs, I still think it's a cute one of the group. you looked smokin' by the way.

Mary said...

I just bought that same dress in blue! Love it. Ü
Looks like you had a blast!