Monday, May 20, 2013

choral concert

I spent two hours of almost every Tuesday for the last three months in the music room at Leah's school. Only I wasn't there for Leah. I was there to accompany the third and fourth grade choruses as they learned five pieces for their spring choral concert. 

I played lots of scales as they warmed their voices, waited patiently as they calmed their wiggly bodies over and over and smiled as they continued to improve throughout the months. I listened to them perfect their dos res and mis (no really, they sang an entire song in was impressive!).

Some kids were into it. Some kids were not. 

But I didn't see one child who wasn't smiling and proud of him or herself  as they gathered together dressed in black and white for their concert at the Opera House. Parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and neighbors gathered to cheer them on and photograph and videotape their every move.

All in all it was a nearly perfect night. Some kids sang off key. Some kids sang the wrong words. Some didn't even sing parts at all. But it was wonderful all the same. Luckily, the five songs were nearly flawless on my end, page turns included (huge sigh of relief) except the very end of one because the stage manager had turned the lights over the piano off and I didn't realize I couldn't see the last page until it was far too late. They even gifted me with a beautiful flower bouquet and a generous gift card to a local restaurant despite the aftermath of the lighting mishap.

It's nights like these that make 26 years of piano playing absolutely worth it. And now I'm not just "Leah's  mom" at school. I'm also "that lady who plays the piano." I'll take it.

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