Saturday, May 18, 2013


We Laytons were lucky this year. We were gifted front row tickets to Tuck Follies - an evening full of song, dance, theater, video and humor based on all the happenings at Tuck. One of Ryan's classmates headed out of town last minute and gave us her tickets. This year the theme was Tuck TV and each number was based on a range of popular TV shows old and new. I missed follies last year because I opted to hold my five day old at home instead, so I was determined to make it this year.

These tickets allowed us to skip this line (that some people had been waiting in for 4+ hours). 

And we did, indeed, find our names on our front row seats. 

These were our smiling faces as we settled in. 

And these are our comfortable, not-tired-from-standing-forever feet resting right on the stage. 

The evening was hilarious with performances from first and second year students and a few appearances from professors! It was a great way to end two great years with the classmates and partners we have come to know and love, follies and all.    

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