Monday, May 13, 2013

an inpromptu party

The afternoon of Kate's birthday was kind of cold and glum. We had hoped to have a BBQ to celebrate with some friends, but the weather didn't cooperate. We decided very last minute to still have some people over to celebrate with cake and ice cream. 

I baked three cakes (yes, three). One sheet cake to share, one ombre smash cake that I forgot to add eggs into (this is what a cake without eggs looks like) and one ombre smash cake that I baked correctly. Yay!

We ate a quick dinner (thanks Kelli for doing the dishes!) and then opened our home to some fabulous friends to celebrate. Kate was a blessed girl as our friends and family were very generous. She loved getting help opening the presents and then inspecting each one. 

And then she showed everyone her new trick (don't mind the dinner and cake in her hair). 

We had a lot of fun celebrating our ONE year old with so many friends who have helped us through this first year. 

And this big sister totally let Kate have the spotlight. She sat back, smiled and ate her cake and ice cream. And maybe swiped one new book. 

We love our squishy Kater potater!!


Dani Brems said...

Oh my heck- she is so cute!

t.t.turner said...

She is too much. Can't wait to have her join our family. ;)