Monday, May 6, 2013

class picture

The taking of the class picture each year at Tuck is quite an event. Not only do the students smile for the photo that will hang forever in Tuck Hall, but families, partners, first years and more are invited to join in the celebration. It is complete with a champagne toast and performance by the first years. 
Tuck Class of 2013
...with name cards so the history books will be correct. 

Tribute by the Class of 2014

Tuck 2013 Partners

Tiny Tuckies - super glad to be there

5 of the 6 LDS 2013 Tuckies

I wasn't expecting to be emotional, but couldn't help it as thoughts of graduation came rushing in. Don't worry, I wasn't the only one. Students, faculty, administration and families alike were all wiping tears away. 

This year the weather and sunshine definitely cooperated, so much that the students were roasting in their suits on the steps of Tuck. 

In other news, I, too, was roasting as I wrangled three children (one non-able bodied 6 year old, an able-bodied wandering 15 month old and a not-yet-walking almost one year old) across a parking lot and down a long sidewalk before I reached the green. It was a circus. I was rushing to get there after Leah's horse riding session and I made it just in time to see the students cheer as their photo session was complete and the first years began their tribute. 

Lucky for me, I had two extra hands to help me on the way back to the car. 

It was a fabulous day to celebrate the fabulous Tuck School of Business Class of 2013.

Click here to see the video. And don't judge the poor woman in the background herding the three kids. Despite what it may look like, there was no abuse. 

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Roger & Maren said...

Hello! I found your blog through your cousin in law? Becky (Webster) and Lance Burt? Congratulations on your husbands graduation!! I read you are heading to John Deere Country in Iowa, and my brother and sis-inlaw are there Aaron and Amy Ricks. You are just so fun, and I shared that with them and they wanted me to send you their information if you were interested. So I guess if you are let me know. They live in Asbury, and have been out about a year, Im not sure which ward they are in..but I could ask. Anyway, I know, this is random, but then this is cyberspace! :) Thanks, and good luck!
Maren (It is the coolest name ever) Nichols