Thursday, May 30, 2013

my last NH lesson is in the (piano) books...

Today I taught my last piano lesson in New Hampshire. I drastically decreased my student load after I moved here by about 90%. I taught three children last year. One moved west with his family after his dad finished a medical residency and became a bona fide doctor (yay!). One decided she was more interested in gymnastics than sitting on a hard, wooden bench for a half hour each week (I won't take it personally). The third continued this year with me. And I gained another, making two for this school year. 

It really was perfect - the students kept me current on all things piano and all things elementary school (One Direction is so hot...). They helped me update my rewards box (decorative pencils and Japanese puzzle erasers are all the rage in the Upper Valley...). They even raided my cupboards sometimes for after-school snacks. 

Sadly, I didn't hold a recital at all. I figured a four minute program might be an under-kill? (After all, my first recital was only 13 minutes long, and that was pushing it.)

Teaching has been such a rewarding experience for me. I love watching each student learn, stretch and grow...and become successful!

And the cake isn't bad either. 
(Seriously, this was a gift on my last day from a student whose mom is from Sweden. It was all sorts of delicious.)

Here's to more students (and more cake?) in Iowa!

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