Sunday, May 26, 2013


I've had a lot of questions about Leah's most recent fashion accessory: biking gloves. 

Leah wrings her hands and fingers often, and constant hand and finger wringing wears on such sweet skin! She often has her hands up near her mouth, so they can get wet as well. When they are really wet, we use her arm brace, but lately she has just been wringing them together. 

So, we took her to the nearest upscale department store. Um, wait, we took her to WalMart because that is the only store near us. She picked out three pair of gloves. Lucky for us, the gloves came in a pack with elbow and knee pads too, so we have three spare pair of those if anyone wants to borrow them. 

The gloves take about 347 minutes to put on because her fingers are so wiggly, but once in place, they really protect her hands. And they do so in a very fashionable way.

I actually love that this special needs solution was:
1) so inexpensive - you just have to write the words "special needs" in front of something and you can automatically charge 10x the normal amount, so because these were normal gloves, they were a normal price; and
2) so Leah - she picked out exactly which gloves she wanted so I think she enjoys wearing them! Plus, she gets all sorts of awesome attention from wearing biking gloves all day. 

And they work! The days we use the gloves, they really protect her hands. Can I get a huzzah for trying something that was cheap, Leah likes, and WORKS!? Huzzah!

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Emily P said...

Hey Maren,
I am one of those weird blog readers who never leaves a comment because I always worry you don’t want me looking at your blog. But I look at your blog and I love it. I think you are really funny and I admire your wit.
However, I always have a ping of guilt when I do catch up on your blog because I feel bad I didn’t get to know you better when we lived near each other. I always had the feeling that I had said something stupid to you so I tried to just disappear around you.
I think the first day we met we were at a park and I had asked some questions about Leah (and I’m sure they were all annoying). Then, I read on your blog that you were hurt by people’s comments about Leah. I always figured I was one of the ones that had offended you.
All of that could have been completely in my head but if it wasn’t, then I want to apologize for not trying harder to be a friend. And to have had Ruby and Leah be better friends. I just feel like we really missed out.
Good luck with all the new changes of scenery. I hope your new home feels like home sooner than later.
Best- Emily
PS Ruby sends a “Hi” to Leah