Saturday, July 20, 2013

camping, cabin style

When we found out we would be in town for the Harman's family camping trip, we decided to recreate the good old days: multi-family style. 

Harmans, Katz's and Laytons all planned to camp camp (like in tents with a fire and dirt and the whole shebang), but the weather forecast had different ideas. With impending rain, the Harmans booked a fabulous cabin near the Brighton ski resort last minute and we multi-family camped cabin style. 

Our family was only going to stay one night as we had a lot to do to prepare for our move. But we had so much fun the first night, we couldn't bear to leave early. So we stayed a second night, woke up early and drove straight to pick up our rental truck. We sure know how to squeeze in fun until the last minute!

The cabin was perfect and we had a great time eating, laughing, eating, catching up, eating, playing scum (where Maren and Kristen reigned supreme), eating, sitting by the campfire, eating, sleeping a little, eating, dancing and eating. 

Kristen decided to go big or go home and ate the largest piece of beef jerkey I've ever seen anyone consume. AND she learned how to shimmy. It was a big weekend for her. 

Kate was in her element and became one with the rocks. 

The first morning we woke up and had a delicious spread of eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, juice and more before we headed out for a hike up to Donut Falls. The kids were amazing on the hike. Ryan had Leah on his shoulders and she was flipping out. So he asked her if she wanted to walk. With one piercing look into his eyes, he got the point and put her down. She walked the whole second half (over rocks and logs and up big hills) and almost the entire way down! Go Leah!!

The second night we headed up over Guardsman Pass to eat at a restaurant in Park City and then stopped to take in the breathtaking views of Utah before we headed back to the cabin. (Obviously the boys have done no maturing since 2009.)

It really was a perfect few days with some of our very best friends. Camping cabin style was a hit!

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