Wednesday, May 14, 2014

cookies and milk

I had a low-key, relatively impromptu birthday party for Kate and some of her cute little friends. Since two of her loves in life are cookies and milk, we decided to run with the theme and decorate sugar cookies and drink milk.

When the guests arrived, we sang happy birthday and she immediately hid underneath the table, which was, of course, adorable. 

We then spent the next 2 hours shoveling hastily-frosted cookies in our faces and licking our sweet and sticky fingers. The day was chilly, but nice enough to run around outside and try out the new swing set. And as a bonus, only 2 children escaped to the front yard. (Um, yikes! Looks like we need to block that small slit in the fence??)

At this age, parties are just as much for the parents as the kids and I think we all, old and young, had a smashingly delicious time. 

As evidenced by the remains. 

All in all, a sweet and delicious celebration for my deliciously sweet (and apparently serious) Katers.  

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Zenaida said...

She looks absolutely delicious!