Friday, May 30, 2014

on giving myself some credit...and a break

I have a list a mile long of things-I-must-get-done. Some of these things are, actually, things I must get done. Some are...not. 

Catching up on my blog (um, Boston? Turkey!?) has been high on my list every single day and things always get in the way (the actual things-I-must-get-done). For a few weeks it was our internet connection. That is finally fixed (Mediacom is a bad word in our house). Now it is the gathering of pictures. I've half-written most of the posts, they just aren't ready to be published...and I feel like I need to give myself permission to cross it off my list for a bit. 

So...self, take a break. 

There. I did it. I gave myself permission. 

It feels really good. 

School's out for the year (yay and eeeeek!) and I've got some things on my plate for the next few weeks, so you won't see a lot of action over here for a bit (as if that's unusual as of late?). But I'll get it all recorded. I want to do it for myself, so it will get done. I just needed to not feel guilty about it.

So, with the publishing of this text, I no longer feel guilty. Ta-da!

I'll leave you hanging with a picture of Kate the Great posing (Seriously! She poses!) in front of Honest Abe's home in Springfield, IL. A picture we took on our 22-hour getaway for Memorial Day...which will also be posted when I return to the digital world.

Catch ya on the flip side. 

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