Saturday, May 31, 2014


It's a sad, sad day when one of your closest friends moves hours and hours away. It's even sadder when her kids are some of your kids very best friends (and, sometimes, best frienemies). 

The Friday before we left for Utah, some of our very best Iowa friends were planning to move to Texas. They were on the way to the airport when plans changed and my friend had to head to the ER and ultimately had some unplanned surgery. 

We had already said our teary goodbyes and I hadn't planned on getting to see them again at all. And though the circumstances weren't ideal, I was lucky enough to be free and got to spend the entire day with her three darling kids. I adore them and so do my girls, so it was a pleasant surprise indeed. 

We miss them every day! Kate still thinks every time the doorbell rings, it's miss Layla. Then she usually pauses and says,  "No. Layla in Tekas." 

I'm already planning a mid-winter roadtrip to "Tekas" when Iowa seems unbearable. Get ready for us F family!

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