Thursday, October 7, 2010

flower earring tutorial

making your own earrings is actually much easier than it might look. i don't claim to be an expert by any means. in fact, if you know of other {better!} ways of doing this, i'm all ears. i would love your ideas and suggestions. here's how i did it:

*again, sorry for the photography quality. 
i planned to do this in the daylight, but my day just didn't go as planned... 

glue gun {um, isn't this one darling!?}
glue sticks
earring posts ($1.99 for a pack of 60 at michael's}
earring backs {$1.99 for a pack of 120 at michael's - they had lots of different kinds to choose from}
object for front of earring {in this case, brads! from michaels}
{01} prepare the object for the front of the earring. in this case, i had to remove the brad backing. some popped right off, others came off with a little bit of help from mr. pliers. easy peasy. i've also used a snip to remove the button hook off the back of a button i wanted to use for an earring. cabochons are also a great item to use {see bottom of tutorial}.
{02} with a hot glue gun, 
place a small {no larger than the base of the earring post} 
drop of glue on the back of the item 
you are using for the front of your earring. 
{03} immediately place earring post in the hot glue. 
press all the way in and set aside to dry completely. 

{04} once dry, 
the earring back can be placed on the post and you're done. 
just like that. 
i just discovered "cabochons" and found a ton on there are a lot of things categorized as cabochons, but i found some great flowers that i thought were lovely! they have flat backs {some are a bit concave, but not too bad} and they'll make for great earrings. 
i also purchased some bobby pins with a flat, 
circular surface perfect for adding 
a little bit of beauty to the tip. 

that's how i did it. 
how have you done it? 
what items would be fun to use? 
is there something better than hot glue? 
{i'm sure there is!}
do tell.


Molly said...

I have the same stuff. Cabochons from etsy, earring backs, and the nice bobby pins with flat surfaces for crafting. Love them and love to make new earrings! In fact, maybe I'll throw together a pair to wear today. :)

Amy said...

I'm so making these! While searching cabochons on etsy, I found this adhesive that dries "clear and tight."

jamie said...

do you follow little birdie secrets? the girls who do it are in my ward. if not, you should check it out--they do a lot of the same things.