Saturday, October 9, 2010

winner -- mod podge canvas

congratulations to lucky #11, ryan and emily!
emily has two of the cutest kids on the planet, 
so hopefully the mod podge will do them justice. 
em, just email me to let m eknow what animal/colors 
you'd like and we'll figure it all out! 

 i hope to document the process so i can 
create a tutorial for all those who are interested. 
it's not super difficult, 
it just takes some time because you 
have to let each layer dry.

thanks to everyone who participated in the birthday giveaways! 
my birthday was fantastic...
so far 29 is pretty darn good! 
hope to have some pictures up in the next day or two.


ed and kelli said...

i knew i wouldn't win :(

Michelle said...

I'm glad your birthday was a success! Yay for 29!

Btw, I got your cute package in the mail today! Thanks! It made my day!

Ryan and Emily said...

What??? I won...I never win anything! I am soooooooo excited. I'm going to email you right now!!