Friday, October 29, 2010

spooktacular party

it was a party at our house this afternoon. leah and i invited lots of our little friends over for good food and fun. the food was supposed to be better {um, homemade}, but life happened so we got hot-n-readys. i forgot to put the drinks on the table for two hours {whoops!} and completely spaced the salad. everyone came in costume and brought a yummy treat to share. the wonderful kristen helped us all decorate yuuuuuumy caramel apples. the kids decorated sugar cookies, pinned the nose on the jack-o-lantern 

{almost everyone liked that} 

and trick or treated. 

we even got to witness a miracle as we got them all to stand in one place and smile. and then they just kept standing there. it was kind of amazing. 

saw some of the cutest angels, clowns, captain kirks {or spock?s} shy witches, 
 {even some saying mooooooo!}
 riding hoods, 
 cinderellas {with their baby brother monkeys},
 and firemen {there were three, but this one couldn't help but send off his sexy-yet-tough-guy look},
this world has ever seen. 

fireman jack wasn't so thrilled with halloween at all this year {even though his baby sister dressed up as his very own fireman dalmation}, but we snuck a picture anyway.

the house was a disaster {cleanup was actually a cinch}, but totally worth it. these parties have definitely changed throughout the years. we do a lot more entertaining and much less sitting. but we also do a little more laughing.

 we came away with some great loot. leah checked. 
thanks, ladies, for all the fun. happy halloween!


ed and kelli said...

these are GREAT costumes... love the spock or whatever..{even though i SO don't like star trek} this kid makes it look cool:) how how cute is sydney as tinkerbell??

Jessica M said...

How fun! Love Leah's costume. Her curls are divine.

nicole said...

thanks for having such a great party!! we had a great time!

Dyan said...

I am so sad we missed it! Maybe next year?

Benson and Jaimi said...

Em was sure the life of the party, wasn't she?!? I think Wave made your blog a few posts ago for a similar scene. :)

Kelly said...

HOW FUN!!!! I love all the pictures - super cute!!!

Laura said...

Great party, maybe next time Audrey won't sleep through the fun stuff!