Saturday, October 9, 2010

the happy day...

the big birthday came and went and i felt oh-so-loved. 

from packages waiting for me on the doorstep to kind texts and emails and phone calls and face-to-face visits from family and friends, it turned out to be a wonderful day. 

ryan was out of town, roaming the northeast and its beautiful red and orange trees {um, jealous!}, 
but he made sure to email me at midnight EST to wish me a happy happy day, which ushered in my birthday three hours early. woo hoo!

in the morning i ran nearly 10 miles at a speed i haven't run since training for a marathon two years ago. i had so much energy and a smile for everyone who passed on the trail.

leah and i sang disney princess songs in the car at a much-too-loud volume {um, okay. i sang. leah giggled.} then she took me to lunch at subway.

my sister kelli wins the prize for sending happy wishes in the most ways possible. she covered a mailed gift, a mailed card {separate from the gift}, a conversation via skype, an email, a phone call and a comment on facebook. just wish we could have added in-person to that impressive and thoughtful list.

speaking of facebook, birthdays are awesome over there. i felt love from friends old and new and each message made me smile.

i helped out a homeless woman.

i cleaned my house.

i saw, on a very popular blog, that my feet pictures are catching on. those were my idea, you know.

i chatted with ryan on the phone and he updated me on how cool vermont, new hampshire, new york, massachusetts and connecticut are.

my sweet friend jenny wrote about rett syndrome awareness month. 

i bought myself some birthday shoes.

i partied with friends {at a bash i threw for myself. yup. i did.}

and i ate scones. mmmm. scones.

it was pretty much the best day ever {even though there aren't many pictures since it was just me and leah for most of the day...and she can't use those darn hands} and i have so many people to thank for that. especially my mom since she's the one who made it all possible for me to even have a birthday on october eighth. thanks, mom.

the countdown is officially on for 30...

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ed and kelli said...

yay for birthdays! where's the mack nursing her baby picture?:)