Friday, October 15, 2010

um, that's not my name

oh. my. word.

have you ever just felt completely and utterly ridiculous for something? for thinking one way {for almost an entire year in my case} and having it not end up being something completely different?

i have this friend, we'll call her {delilah}. {delilah} isn't the most common name in the world, but it's not unheard of, right? it's a normal name. {delilah} moved to the area about a year ago and i met her through some mutual friends. we see each other at least once a month at a girl's night. we've emailed and chatted and been to parties and races and become relatively good friends.

well last night, {delilah} said to me, "by the way, my last name isn't {smith}, it's {brown}."
um, what? are you kidding me? how has it been over a year and i've never known her correct last name? i've used her last name in conversations with other friends who know her and definitely know her last name is {brown}, not {smith}. multiple conversations. how have they not corrected me? i'm sure they've used her correct last name in multiple conversations. how have i not caught on?

i felt so ridiculous. then i started to wonder how i ever thought it was {smith} in the first place. i've only known three people ever with the name {delilah}, so i thought maybe it was from that? 

and you know what? it is! turns out a girl i knew from high school got married and now has the last name {smith}. i found out she got married just about the time i met the delilah here and must have mixed up the names.

i have to be honest, i'm super glad it was at least a relatively legit excuse for not knowing my friend's real last name. but i'm still completely embarrassed that i've been calling her by the wrong name for such a long time! she didn't know until just a few days ago. we finally figured it out with a recent string of emails where i used her last name to introduce her to someone else {yup, introduced her with the wrong last name}.

now i feel like i have to get to know a completely different person. out with the old {delilah}, in with the new. or, not so new in her case...just in mine. ugh.

guess i'll go change that email contact...


jamie said...

i did this with a girl i met in los altos, too...except i did it with her FIRST name. be glad it was her last name. (maybe it was the same girl?)

Afton said...

Hey, it's {Delilah} here :). You are so hilarious and I'm so glad this happened for the sake of a good laugh. I could care less if you knew my last name, so I thoroughly enjoyed the shocked look on your face. I only wish I'd come up and re-introduced myself with my real name. I would have enjoyed that. And sheesh, I feel like I have a new lease on life getting to have you get to know me all anew! Who should I be? Oh the possibilities.

Porters said...

haha that is great. I have a good friend, who still spells my name Daniel. Yep. We email regularly, and I reply with my name. Ah well....