Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sick day...

we've had one sick little girl at our house for a few days. and this is what she looks like when she's sick:

really, truly. just happy to be helping mom with the laundry. if it weren't for the other signs like her horrible cough, burning skin, this:

{our house is scattered with these:}
and little bit of this:
you'd never even know she was sick. she missed school on monday and was depressed beyond belief. when i told her she could go back yesterday, she grinned from ear to ear. her giggle is still a little raspy, but she's giggling...i think she willed herself better just so she could go to school. no more fever, just traces of a cough and a kind-of runny nose, but i'm pretty sure that's just allergies now. we're definitely on the mend. here's to hoping the boogers leave, but the extra cuddles stick around for awhile.