Sunday, February 13, 2011

erika's dream

going into this evening, i wasn't sure what to expect. erika's dream was started 5 years ago by a fellow rett family. it is the primary fundraiser for katie's clinic, the rett syndrome clinic run through children's hospital oakland where leah gets services. ryan and i knew we wanted to support the fundraiser, but were a little nervous. it was held at artesa winery in napa {um, beautiful!}. ryan and i have never had a drop of alcohol in our lives and the whole event was centered around wine! it turned out to be a beautiful evening full of friends old and new and so many generous donations. there was a silent auction, a live auction {and the auctioneer was out of this world!}, a fabulous dinner down in the cellar amidst hundreds and hundreds of barrels. plus, we got to help out and be the designated drivers for some good friends. it all worked out in the end. :) they raised more than $60,000 in the live auction alone.

a beautiful evening with beautiful people {inside and out} for a beautiful cause. we love our little leah and are so glad others love her too. 

{beautiful napa. the point and shoot camera was just not seeing what my eyes were seeing!}
 {poor ryan was so sleepy. took a cat nap in the car before we went inside.}

 {maren, erica, colleen}
 {little leah on the slideshow. photo credit: julia wade photography}
{the mccartney table {a beatles-themed evening} - all friends of fellow rett parents red and erica robertson. every person on this table bid for something or donated somehow. photo credit: debbie lee}
 {judy - katie's clinic aac specialist, colleen, marent, dr. mary - katie's clinic pediatrician, zenaida. photo credit: debbie lee}

the only part that wasn't beautiful was my heels. much too high for my liking. cute, but uncomfortable. they came off the second i got in the car to drive home and were replaced with soft, satin flats. 
and a special thanks to the katz family who had leah over for a sleepover. smoothies, beauty and the beast and babies were involved, so i think it's safe to say she enjoyed herself.


Erica said...

Cant thank you enough for driving us! I know we drank a lot of wine, but Im hoping we weren't super annoying. I do remember you saying it was pretty funny to be around a bunch of drinkers! It was such a fun night and I am so glad you guys got to be at our table!

ed and kelli said...

again, you are stunning mare. you definitely got the beauty in the family. looks pretty there.. and i love how happy bean is with sydney and aubo {that's their names right?}

Julia Wade said...

mare, you look AMAZING! what an incredible night. :) and you totally rocked ryan's 30th. totally rocked.