Monday, February 14, 2011

his first 30 years

beware: this post is picture heavy. 

my main squeeze turns 30 today. 

he has arrived. 

i've compiled a secret surprise and needed a picture of each of his thirty years {no worries - he's already seen me giggling as i shuffle through the photo boxes}. so enjoy. and don't laugh too hard. he's already feeling iffy about being "old." personally, i think he's pretty cute for such an ancient thing.

vday 1981 with a brand new mom

 1982 with grandma stark
 1983 {doesn't he remind you of leah??}
 1984 - flying kites with dad
 1985 - that's where leah gets her affinity for shades
 1986 - lovin' the soccer shorts pulled up to his neck
 1987 - impressing the ladies in his leisure pants
 1988 - soccer again {he told me later that he used to hate soccer}
 1989 - with jessica
 1991 - basketball - his true love
 1992 - rolled shorts, braided belt, oversized bugle boy shirt, backpack on one shoulder, enormous glasses with chums. these are the obvious reasons i was initially attracted to him.
 1993 - there are those glasses again.
 1994 - mother's day
 1995 - he still has this sweatshirt. it is still just as ugly as it was 16 years ago.
 1996 or 1997? he curled his hair and wore tights.
 1998 - and then he wore a cheerleading outfit. um????
 1999 - t ville.
 2000 - getting set apart for his mission
 2001 - living in hong kong
 2002 - grandma and grandpa pierce
2002 - the infamous bday party where i invited multiple male interests. the least of which was ryan.

2003 - ryan and library girl
2003 - the last time ryan dressed up for halloween. 

2004 - a shiny new larry
 2007 - brand new dad. {um, leah was 5 lb. 14 oz. and 17 inches long. tiiiiiiiny!}
 2008 - bird's nest in beijing
 2009 - emerald pools in zion canyon
 2009 - biking buddy scott
 2009 - rancho san antonio with harmans
 2010 - daddy daughter date with leah

 isn't he the cutest?
and now it's your turn to leave a comment and share the love. 

happy #30 ryan.
love you.


Karen Hauley said...

Sure glad you grew up . . . and married library girl. Happy 30th!
Maren, I think I have a picture of you looking like ryan in 1992 - rolled shorts, over-sized striped shirt, braided belt? Very fun post.

t.t.turner said...

So cute. Those glasses are amazing.
Maren, you better do this for your 30th! I want to see mini-Maren. :)

Launi said...

happy birthday, ryan! the pics are awesome!

Unknown said...

love this.. and mare, i remember that birthday party!!!!! that was funny i remember talking to you about all the male interests afterwards. glad ryan stuck around cause brandon or whatever was so not cool.

Lant Family said...

Happy Birthday Ryan, Those are some awesome pictures :) Hope you have a great day!

Erica said...

this was so much fun to read and the pics are awesome. man that leah looks like her daddy! love you guys!

chrisbrems said...

WOW, i can't stop laughing. Happy birthday.

Colleen said...

Great pics! 30 isn't that bad, Jared is still a little bit of fun and he's almost 32 :-0

Rebecca Parker said...

how fun to capture each year for your valentine b-day boy!! leave it to you to be so thorough & the captions are pretty great too:) happy 30th Ryan!! hope you can make your way to cabin again before you venture east...

Shannon said...

Happy birthday, Ryan! We loved walking down memory lane...hope it's your best year yet!