Thursday, February 10, 2011

we'll obviously win 1st prize

so i've been a little busy lately. lots to blog about and no time to do it! i have about 10 events to prepare for in the next three days. but made time tonight for a little jam session with some good friends. we're having a lip sync contest for prom tomorrow. here's a little sneak preview. 

actually, it's not a preview. it's probably all you'll ever see of what went down in our living room tonight. let's just say there were some sweet, sweet dance moves and a little bit lot of justin bieber. you heard me correctly. 

i never knew chase could groove like he did. 
mary can shake it for being seven months pregnant. 
ryan wanted to make sure he was in disguise in the event the video ever goes viral. 
i am embarrassed to say i knew the lyrics to almost the entire song.

we're planning to win first prize.

p.s. 30 schmirty girls - bet you never thought those blue sunglasses would ever come in handy again, did ya?


Molly said...

Okay, now I'm jealous I won't be there to see it!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...


Two words:

Ben & Eva Pearson said...

Looks fun!! haha... i actually kind of like the blue glasses. i may or may not have a white pair too :)

carolee said...

Love those glasses. I was packing for Hawaii and ran across my pair. Bryce said he wouldn't sit by me on the beach if it took them.