Tuesday, September 7, 2010

30 schmirty

ah, 30. the new 20, right? right.

this fine lookin' group is embracing it.
and, because a great majority of ryan's high school friends and their spouses are or will be 30 within the next year, we decided to embrace it by celebrating for a few days in st. george, utah.

we caravan-ed down to a beautiful, enormous condo on the 10th hole of the ledges golf course and filled our days and nights with a 30th birthday party complete with a spongebob squarepants pinata and cake and ice creak and hats and presents, games, our own pool, a private hot tub, hiking, tarzan at tuacahn, food, lots of laughter and a bit too much skin {from the guys}. couldn't have asked for a more perfect five days or a greater group of friends. we're a lucky bunch, we are.

and, because i'm in a musical mood, i present to you:

the 12 days of 30 schmirty:
aug 18-22. 2010

"on the 12th day of 30 schmirty, my good friends gave to me...."

12 gazillion pictures:
11 hours {a day} relaxing:
10 hikers hiking:
9 jumpers jumping:
8 bagillion calories:
7 soon-to-be 30 year olds
{and one who will be 30 in 5 years or so}:

6 {-1} days of sunshine:
5 looooooooooooooovely ladies
{4 with super sweet sunglasses}:
4 guys in speedos:
{they're under there. really. they are. but we'll spare you.
one guy wussed out, bu
t we're not saying who.}

3 minutes to win it:
{we won it! the HUGE master suite. um, it was bigger than our entire house.}

2 cool cats:
{ok, 10 cool cats. but this is our blog. we can be the coolest o
n our blog.}

and 1 big chair in beaver, utah:

'til next year guys. you better not be egging us on about coming to visit US instead.

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dani said...

Okay, your post about thirty schmirty is way funny so I guess you can be the cool cat. Does Ryan know you posted a picture of him in a speedo? I'm telling.