Monday, September 27, 2010

mmm...dirty water

had a great time deep cleaning our kitchen yesterday. i made some apple crisp {with those freshly-picked-from-the-orchard apples} for dinner at my cousin's house last night. i was cleaning up the kitchen after so we could leave. i started the dishwasher {have i mentioned i love having a dishwasher again?} and then cleaned up around the sink. there was some food left in the sink, so i pushed it down the drain and started the disposal {have i mentioned i love having a disposal again?}. 

i had used the disposal a few times in the past 10 minutes already. this time, it didn't work. it spun, but it didn't drain. 

great. clogged drain. 

ryan to the rescue. 

he cleared out underneath the sink and started to unscrew the pipes. knowing it would dump some water, we had buckets ready and waiting. 

somehow we both forgot the dishwasher was running...and the second he pulled off the pipe, the dishwasher happened to have its first drain at the same exact time

nice, warm dish-water all over ryan. it was lovely. it soaked ryan, soaked the rug, and flooded the perimeter of our entire kitchen. ryan honestly just sat there with this i-cannot-believe-this-just-happened-to-me smile on his face. it was classic. and, obviously, a moment to be photographed.

he cleaned the pipe out and found the culprit:

a knife. gross tidbit of information? it wasn't our knife. gross! i'm not sure HOW this knife got clear down into the pipe, but it did. and it must have wiggled down there months ago when a previous tenant lived here. ryan looks creepy in this picture. he is not creepy in real life. i promise.

no worries. the kitchen is now sparkling, we were {almost} on time for dinner and the crisp was delicious. and we threw the knife away.


Laura said...

That's crazy! A trick we learned (although I doubt it would work with a knife in the drain) from my dad is to use a plunger. So now we keep a separate one for the kitchen sink and it works like a charm! And it saves my husband from having to unscrew the pipes every time. I'm glad you were able to figure out the culprit and laugh about it!

mj said...

too funny. i suggested a plunger before he started unscrewing and he wouldn't listen. it would have been a temporary fix b/c the problem was the food around the knife...but...i tried. :)

Karen Hauley said...

I used to use a plunger until richard saw how angry I became while using said plunger. we just got a more powerful disposal and solved the problem.