Wednesday, September 8, 2010

grandma and grandpa hauley

we had a great girl's week with grandma hauley during the end of our stay in utah. we played on the bridge, watered plants, ate yummy food, had a party, cleaned out boxes and shopped to our hearts' contents. grandpa decided to hike the la sal mountains for 4 of the 5 days so leah was his shadow for a day and then there were no boys allowed at home!
leah sported also some of my old clothes...
ok. so did i.
how did i ever go out in public? mind you, i was most likely 4'10'' when i wore that. how big {not to mention unattractive} were my clothes!?


Shannon said...

I so wish I had your rockin' cardigan for our "funky fashion show" tonight. I am pretty sure that if I looked half as awesome in it as you do, then it would be a catwalk success.

Kelly said...

That is AWESOME!